Outfitter for the Northwest Adventurer


     Cascade Expeditions started off as a dual-sport motorcycle touring company, offering an all inclusive remote resort package.  The package includes a guide, chef, support team, and a complete campsite set up.  Throughout the process we have been able to apply our package to more out door activities to include Kayaking, Cycling, weekend camping for families and any other activity that will handle the support package.   Our goal is to give the people of the Pacific Northwest the ability to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, with a full 24h/day support staff to meet your needs we are sure to take your next adventure to a whole new level.   

  Guided Tour Package Can Include:

Dual-Sport Motorcycle Adventures 

  • Guides 
  • Developed routes 
  • Chef 
  • Support team 
  • Customizable Group Tours 
  • Remote resort package

We provide the equipment you need to accomplish your trip.

You have your own personal support staff so you don’t have to worry about:

  • Cooking, and food prep 
  • Setting up camp
  • Expenses related to buying the right tents, cots or sleeping bags
  • Trip planning 
  • Camp locations and reservations
  • Clean up


Your Can Request Support for your own expedition.  

Family / Group Wilderness Campsite 

  • Chef 
  • Support team 
  • Remote resort package
  • 4 and 6 Person tents
  • Sleeping bags, cots and Chairs 

The great things about using us for family camping:

  • Not limited to just campgrounds
  • The support staff takes care of camp setup / takedown, cooking, camp fires, and clean up.
  • You just let us know where you want to camp it will be all set up when you pull in.
  • We can assist in planning and even head out and take pictures of a site you want to go to in order to help you make your decisions. 

Cycling Adventures 

  • Chef 
  • Support team 
  • Versatility 
  • remote resort package

Cascade Expeditions North West can make your next Cycling Adventure the best you have ever had. With support options that include.

  • Support team to include vehicle and trailer. 
  • Versatility, we give options to carry mountain bikes so you can switch from road to off-road with out skipping a beat. 
  • Campsites, that are pre staged and set up with the camp chef waiting with dinner ready as soon as you get off your bike. 


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